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One app to rule them all

Get relevant fitness content

Buy programs from the trainers that matter to you and train the way your hero’s train. Discover new trainers that align with your fitness goals and training style.

No bullshit subscriptions

Once you buy content, it is yours, forever! No bullshit subscriptions, that you can’t take a break from and that aim to syphon money out of you regardless of if you are training or not.

Superior workout tracking

The most basic principle of hypertrophy is progressive overload, so why don't other apps take tracking workouts and programs seriously? We know that great results, start with great tracking.

A personal experience

Straight from your trainer to you

Say no to generic app content! Gymismo allows trainers to supply custom descriptions and videos for each exercise in their program, so that you can train exactly like your trainer, including all their unique tips and tricks.

Tailor your program to your needs

Your trainer might have written the perfect program but your gym is missing that one bit of equipment. We allow you to customise your program by substituting exercises, based on availability of equipment and your fitness needs.

Build your own programs

Tired of trainers or know what you are doing and just want to do your own thing? Perfect, we give you the same programming tools that we give our trainers, so that you can write your own programs and do them in the gym on your smart phone.